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Monarch Can’t Keep a Good Godzilla Down in This Exclusive Preview

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Monarch Can't Keep a Good Godzilla Down in This Exclusive Preview

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So far, Monarch has done a fascinating job of exploring the legacy of Godzilla across its dual timelines, but actually getting glimpses of the big guy (and current box office darling) since we flashed back to G-Day have been hard to come by. But as io9 can exclusively reveal, we’re getting a little taste this week.

io9 has your first look at episode six of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, “Terrifying Miracles.” While the contemporary plot sees the elder Lee Shaw (Kurt Russell) finding unlikely allies in the organization he helped shape as a young man, episode six’s ‘50s plot will see Lee (Wyatt Russell) get closer and closer to Keiko (Mari Yamamoto)—and discover that Godzilla isn’t quite as killable as previously thought.

Monarch Exclusive Clip: Godzilla Returns

Monarch Exclusive Clip: Godzilla Returns

Episode three of the series saw the U.S. military attempt to destroy Keiko, Lee, and Bill’s discovery of Godzilla during the Operation thermonuclear bomb tests, but as we see now, they get to learn pretty quickly that the military’s plans to wipe Godzilla out didn’t work out. Turns out you can’t just put a nuke in Big G’s face and call it a day, try as you might! We the audience already knew that, but it’s nice that Lee, Keiko, and their allies all get to see that explicitly, too.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters returns for episode six this Friday, December 15 on Apple TV+.

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