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How to watch ‘The Office’ Superfan episodes: streaming deals, release dates, and more

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How to watch 'The Office' Superfan episodes: streaming deals, release dates, and more

The best ways to watch ‘The Office: Superfan Episodes’ at a glance:

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Peacock Premium

Free with eligible Xfinity accounts
(save $59.99/year)

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Peacock Premium

$1.99/month for one year
(save $4/month)

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Peacock Premium

Free with Instacart+ subscription
(save $59.99/year)

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Peacock Premium

Free for one year for Mosaic status members
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There’s not much to say about The Office that hasn’t already been said. But there is more to watch: never-before-seen moments, extended scenes, alternate scenes, deleted scenes, and full storylines that were nipped before airing on NBC. That’s right, we’re talking about The Office: Superfan Episodes folks.

On Jan. 22, Season 7 of the fan-favorite series hits Peacock, giving you even more time with your favorite comfort show-turned-obsession. Season 7, as superfans know, marks the final days with everyone’s favorite misguided-yet-lovable boss Michael Scott. Here’s everything you need to know to tune into the exclusive Season 7 SuperFan Episodes of the treasured mockumentary. 

What are The Office: Superfan Episodes?

The Office: Superfan Episodes are curated episodes from each season that contain extra footage not previously seen in the original television airings on NBC. You can expect alternate scenes, extended scenes, deleted scenes, and completely axed storylines. With all the bonus content included, each episode is around 30 minutes or more. These episodes are made for fans who have binge-watched the series more than once and can’t hold a conversation without slipping an Office quote in — aka Superfans.

Here’s an exclusive clip from the new Season 7 Superfan Episodes:

How many Superfan seasons of The Office are there?

With this month’s release, there are now seven seasons of Superfan Episodes for all The Office-obsessed folks out there. All seven are streaming exclusively on Peacock, alongside all nine seasons of The Office as they were originally aired. If you don’t already have a Peacock subscription, continue scrolling to learn the best ways to sign up and stream all regular and Superfan seasons.

How to watch The Office: Superfan Episodes

As we said above, you’ll need an active Peacock subscription to watch the new extended episodes. You can sign up for Peacock directly, or you can check to see if you qualify for any of the Peacock streaming deals below.

Best Peacock deal for most people

Peacock, despite its recent price hike, is still one of the more affordable streaming services. You can sign up for just $5.99/month if you don’t mind a few ads every now and then. If you don’t want to deal with ads, it’ll cost you $11.99/month for the Premium Plus plan. However, you can get a lot more bang for your buck by subscribing to an annual plan instead for either $59.99/year (with ads) or $119.99/year (no ads) — that’s 12 months for the price of 10, or about 17% in savings.

With an entire year of streaming, you’ll be able to watch every episode of The Office and every Superfan episode of The Office as many times as you want.

Best Peacock deal for Xfinity customers

Select Xfinity customers are eligible for free Peacock subscriptions. You can check your eligibility at the Xfinity website, but here’s a brief breakdown of who’s eligible:

Mashable Deals

  • Xfinity Internet users on the Gigabit or Gigabit+ plans can score free Peacock Premium for two years (offer ends June 25, 2025)

  • Xfinity Internet customers that are Diamond or Platinum Xfinity Rewards members can also score Peacock Premium for free by redeeming a reward for it. Sign in over at xfinity.com/rewards and choose Peacock as a reward. Then wait for your email with instructions on activating your offer.

  • NOW TV customers can receive Peacock Premium as part of their service

Best Peacock Deal for students

If you have a verifiable student status (meaning a .edu email address), you can get Peacock Premium for only $1.99/month for a whole year rather than the usual $5.99/month. You’ll have to pass the verification process via SheerID, but once you do so, you’ll get a unique promo code to slash the price down to just $1.99 per month. Note that the code can only be used once, so don’t bother trying to share it with your friends.

Best Peacock deal for first responders

Similarly, first responders can score a year of Peacock Premium for only $1.99/month. You’ll be asked to verify your first responder status via SheerID, then receive a unique promo code to knock the price down from $5.99 to $1.99 per month. Eligible first responders who meet verification qualifications can continue to renew Peacock Premium annually — you’ll just need to snag a new promo code each time. Check out the eligibility terms and requirements to learn more.

Best for Instacart users

Back in November, Instacart announced a new partnership with Peacock. Both existing and new Instacart+ members now get free access to Peacock Premium. That’s a $59.99 per year value that gets you every single episode of The Office — regular and Superfan seasons — at your fingertips. Not to mention, you get free grocery delivery on orders of $35, lower fees, and all the usual benefits of Instacart+. Even better, your first two weeks are free. After that, it’ll cost you $99.99/year for membership.

Best for JetBlue members

Frequent JetBlue flyers can land an exclusive Peacock Premium offer through July 2025. If you’re a JetBlue TrueBlue member, you’ll get 1,000 free TrueBlue points when you sign up for Peacock. If you have JetBlue Mosaic status, you can get a free year of Peacock Premium — that’s a $59.99 value. Unfortunately, this excludes all current Peacock subscribers. Head over to Peacock’s special offer page to learn more about eligibility and terms.

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