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Best Fitbit in 2024 (UK)

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Best Fitbit in 2024 (UK)

Is getting in shape long overdue? Or are you looking to upgrade your workout routine? Sounds like you need a fitness tracker. And when it comes to fitness trackers, one name stands above all others: Fitbit.

The name “Fitbit” is now common parlance for any kind of step-counter. Fitbits come in a lot of shapes and sizes (and prices) and have multiple functions. There’s a Fitbit out there for you, whether you’re looking for something that truly just measures your steps or something more advanced with a heart monitor, GPS, and other built-in features. There are even Fitbits for kids.

Read on for the best Fitbit models, from the most basic bands to trackers that are akin to having a personal trainer right on your wrist.

What do Fitbits do?

At their most basic level, Fitbits were invented as a sort of wearable pedometer, originally existing just to track your steps. Of course they’ve become more tech-savvy (and more complicated) since then. These days, they come in a range of models, each of which offers its own unique combination of Fitbit’s technology and sensors. They can stand in as phones, push app notifications to you, and even pay for your Starbucks latte — plus, keep an eye on more important matters, like heart health and sleep tracking.

What features do Fitbits offer?

The most expensive Fitbit models offer a slew of features, mostly available through sensors. These involve keeping an eye on your heart beat variability, measuring your temperature around the clock, and even monitoring your stress levels as the company begins what will surely be a longer foray into the mindfulness aspect of health. A lot of the running and swimming Fitbits — yes, you can wear some of them in the pool and shower — also advise you when to take a recovery day.

How many exercise modes do Fitbits have?

You won’t be starved of variety, let’s put it that way. Fitbits have stacks of exercise modes, usually starting at 20. So whether you’re a runner, cyclist, swimmer, yogi, weight lifter, boxer, or whatever else, the Fitbit will likely have you covered. They can automatically detect when you start working out, too.

What do Fitbits look like?

Fitbits have sleek, minimalist aesthetics, with bands that you can swap in and out and clock faces that you can customise for a display that suits your mood. Some are slimmer while others have a more Apple Watch-like, square display. Ultimately, they’re designed to blend in with everyday life. There are no hefty runner-style watches or wrist-based eyesores.

How long does the battery last on a Fitbit?

It’s a key point — especially if you need the convenience of something that will just run and run and doesn’t require the hassle of daily charging. Fitbits tend to run for about a week — between six and eight days is fairly standard. Bear in mind that some features, like GPS, can run it down sooner.

How much do Fitbits cost?

There are a wide range of Fitbits out there that begin at under £100 and go up to a significant chunk of change. How much you want to spend might depend on why you’re using it (as a workout buddy versus an all-day companion) and what kind of features you want to be sure are included.

What is the best Fitbit?

There is a Fitbit out there that’s perfect for you and your lifestyle. To help you find it, we have lined up a selection of the best models for every type of task.

These are the best Fitbit fitness trackers in 2024.

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